How does pixeltail intend to continue sponsoring Tower Unite's growth and upkeep?

So the game is a one-time buy with no microtransactions, subscriptions, downloadable content, or anything else.

How do they intend to continue paying for server upkeep, developers, and so on? The game’s sales will only last so long; how will they cover long-term costs?

Thank You.

Who says the game sales will only last so long? Tower Unite is a popular game, and in turn results in people wanting to invite friends along to play it, as well as that time continues to march forward and new people are able to get a vetted interest in the game. I know you’re probably used to the excuse of online games “needing” micro-transactions to keep the lights on but in reality that isn’t usually true, if your game can’t get new interest in players than there is something wrong with the game, and not the monetization of the game. The only exception that can feasibly come to mind are free to play games, as those cost literally nothing to own and therefore would need a new way to monetize. Tower unite is a $20 game that encourages you to get your friends to try it out to play with them, it isn’t something like Guild Wars 2 where it’s free and you get your friends to play it so you know the people in your next raid or dungeon.


We rely on game sales, our Patreon backers, and word of mouth to bring in our funding. We’re extremely happy to be able to stay independent.