How does Double or Nothing work?

It seems like if I play on a single machine for too long, I start to get more Nothings more often.
Is the game 50/50 with the Double or Nothings? If not, could someone go into more detail?

I surely do hope that it’s 50/50, that makes the most sense for double or nothing. Unless a dev clarifies otherwise.

Well double or nothing is basically a game where you bet a small amount of credits, then you press the red button to possible double that.

There is a small chance that you will get nothing, which will mean that you have lost the units that you bet.
You can press the red button as often as you wan, just remember to cash by pressing the yellow button when you dont wanna go higher.

I know the concept and how to play, I was just asking about the chances :slight_smile:

Ah ok.

Anyway the chances would logically be 50/50, but honestly from my perspective it seems to vary from person to person.
I constantly seem to get nothing constantly on an average of 10 times where the amount of times i get nothing seem to double whenever i dare to reach double x2.

While with other people they can reach x7-x9 constantly like its nothing.

I wouldn’t recommend holding your breath until a pixeltail developer states what the chances are because you might turn a little bit blue.

Yeah, same with me.
The person next to me will be spamming the red button, and get Double almost every time, while I’m sitting here getting Nothing 9 times in a row


Luckily i have an explination why it does that to me constantly.

The game hate me because im a jew that like to save money.

I don’t think Double or Nothing is antisemitic I think it’s just random

My lose/win rate of 90/10 (rounded upward because otherwise my win rate would be some 2-3%)
Tells me otherwise, i do hope a developer would tell us if its 50/50 or if its something else.

Maybe @Zak could help us out?

why wouldnt you just cash in the first time you get double

I always do that, sadly i still walk away with almost no gain or complete loss because of how often i get nothing.

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its literally just 50/50

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Double or Nothing rolls two 12 sided dice and doubles when you get 6 or higher.


So, im assuming that if the die lands on a number higher than what your payout currently is it doubles?

No. It’s only if the combined total of two 12 sided dice are greater than or equal to 6. The bet amount or payout does not matter.

Ah ok good.

I find it hard to believe that this is still the case; that method of determining the outcome gives a 93.05% chance of doubling, so with payout at max you have a roughly 15% chance with every round you play that you will double enough times to cause integer overflow.