How do you imagine Units/GMC?

How do you imagine Units/GMC look? If you hold them in your hand?
I imagine paper bills similiar to arcade tickets. They are dispensed in the same way tickets are, in a bunch. There are various bills of different values, each having different colors.
In addition, there are plastic “token” like coins. For people that prefer coins.

Units are coins.

the vending machines…
they accept bills… and there’s even a picture of a GMC bill being inserted

guess they have both then. Don’t know about the look of bills but atleast we know coins are gold

There was concept art posted on the Indiegogo for the Bill Shooter Gun (shoots bills that are NOT currency, just for fun) that look like this.

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Thanks, I’ve forgot about that actually :smile:

I hope we all realized that they put Foohy on there?

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Vending machines also take coins. They typically have coin slots.

the in-game ones

What if you had a Units bill, and you flicked it and it turned into coins? Like a universal currency? #Magic

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