How do the keys work

Will the 4 closed alpha keys I received in my email be locked to the users i gave them to, or will i have a fresh set of keys to use and give out to possibly different people when i receive steam keys

I’m assuming that they are going to have to generate Steam Keys for the Steam Alpha Release…so I guess your logic makes sense. Unless they are able to take the keys they passed out for the Non-Steam Alpha and tie those to Steam, which I don’t remember at the moment if they can.

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Closed alpha keys and steam keys are 2 different things… If you notice, the alpha is a completely different client and you didn’t even redeem it through steam. so no, they wont be locked as you haven’t even recieved them yet. The game also has no way of knowing your Steam name in Alpha stage.

Ok thank you guys. I was pretty sure in my head that they would be 2 different things but I just wanted to double check :smile: