How do I make text strike through?

Asking about this because i’m dumb and don’t know how to do it, even after about three years of being on this forum.

something like this
wait why is it red
wait maybe like this

<del>something like this</del>
wait why is it red
<s>wait maybe like this</s>

These forums support HTML and BBCode tags (or at least a fair bit of them) for text formatting.

You can find more HTML and BBCode functions here (first and second column shows the tags you use, third column shows the example output):


The BBCode for strikethrough is [s]text[/s]. In case you’re a fan of BBCode like me. :3

it’s more reliable to use html however as BBcode can update sometimes which can break your messages.
This happened with the trello bot at somepoint however now it uses HTML so it shouldn’t happen again for the bot unless discourse removes html support in forum posts.

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Markdown works just fine, too:

mistake correction

~~mistake~~ correction

I don’t know how to do it
I now know how to do it