How do I go about resetting my condo?

I’ve deleted the condo.dat from the directory, I’ve disabled the cloud, and my condo still seems to be intact. What more is there to do? I just want to have a fresh start. :disappointed:

Also, once it’s solved on how to do it, will the old condo.dat still be usable? Thanks.

Disable Steam Cloud for Tower Unite (Steam Library > Right click on Tower Unite > Properties > Updates > Uncheck “Enable Steam Cloud” )
Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\108015306\394690\remote\Condos .
Note that the 10801… number is your steam ID, so this varies from user to user.

Please remember to back up your Condo.dat!

Dont get rid of all your hard work! Make sure to save it for reminiscing!
Empty the Condos folder; delete or move Condo.dat.
Now open Tower Unite and open your condo. It should be clean and fresh. Mmmm, new Condo smell!
After you are done and have closed TU, make sure to go back into your Steam settings and reenable the Steam Cloud.

Enjoy redecorating!


Holy hell, thankyou!

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You’re welcome!