How about paint can to paint item?

hey I know people may want to have gold items with out the golden watch, but how about a gold paint can that cost a lot? It will help people with there blues about the gold items and you may want have other paints that have other effects like slime couch or a cardboard T.V. and other color that can be a one-time use or a permanent use.

I know this will be a very late game idea but you can put it on the back burner for now or en-till the end release.


Even as a gold backer myself, I’d think it’d be nice for something like this to be in the game.

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[quote=“Drachen, post:2, topic:1586”]
gold backer myself
[/quote] fun fact I am also one.

They have a color slider in place to change the color, but I like the idea of intricate paint jobs.

I’m not fond of the idea, as it would make the people who backed for the watch not feel special.

When you got the gold backer, you paid to make the game happen. In return you got a nice gold watch that turns things into gold and you will always know the time and be on top of all your appointments. That should stay that way. That’s what those special people get for backing and was the entire incentive to make people back that much on the project.

Plus, with the campaign still going on, wouldn’t this be a deterrent to back this amount? If I knew that something that I’m paying real life money for would be normally achievable ingame, I would save my money and buy something a lot cheaper instead.


This idea seems really cool. You could even put in patterned paint cans such as polka dots. I honestly think it would be better if in order to recolour you had to buy cheap paint cans. I know its less customisation but I feel like it would tie the recolouring system into the game a lot more then just paste the hex code of the colour you want.

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There would be other paint jobs and special materials for furniture. The gold one is going to be exclusive, it is not like it is going to be mass produced so everyone can paint gold.

I see what you mean but this will be something that will be Very High in price and I wish it to be a one-time uses and a watch that can always make something gold will seem to be still a high-end tool and I do agree with you with your points but maybe if golden paints can will be a thing, that can be a very late game item like maybe for 2 year after the game is fully release or some other idea about golden paint cans being in game.
(or maybe the rage will stop gold paint can being a thing) :grin:
It was just a idea and that all it was and hey it did start the paint can being a idea.

Still, having a"gold paint bucket" destroys the exclusivity of the gold watch. I’d prefer different types of paint that aren’t gold. Yes people will get mad, but you’ll just have to overlook the bitchers. It is hard to feel bad for those who bitch and moan just because they can’t get something. Let them cry it out.

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Oh God, Bokchoi you just call your self out on some much you bad man and just to point out I am one. so I am a little shock about that statement :laughing: . I do understand your blue balls about it (if you do) but you must understand that was $30 more then other backer and plus the $30 dollar on top of it (making $60 for it) and how do you feel if that you just pay $60 to help the funding a game and found out that it only take. let just say, 6 hours of grinding it just have this tool I may feel a little more blue balls about it and for longer for that.

(and yes it should be call paint bucket.)

Yes, I know I’m a heartless bastard.
Yes be shocked about my statement, but it is something we’re going to have to accept. Also, my balls are still a sandy tan.

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Speak for yourself, as even I would like to see this in the game.

I’ve NEVER been one for items to be locked away behind paywalls, whether they be traditional or backer-based. Even if it’s expensive as all hell, folks should still be able to get it.

I’d just stop while you’re ahead. Too many people are wanting to protect “muh exclusivity!!!”.

Curious to see what the actual devs think about it, though.

If you saved up for a Ferrari and you bought it only to find out that they started giving them away for free the next day, you’d wanna protect your exclusivity.

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This is like the perfect example.

Key point you’re missing here is the gold paint is not given away for free. It will have to be earned in-game.

All this is also forgetting the main reason behind backing games is to support the game, not reap the rewards (which are just shiny extras).

Where is the motivation to back when there is a money saving alternative in game?

I don’t know, having a conscious wish to help a game succeed?

And while there may be an alternative, it in no way equates the Midas Watch, which is exclusive to backers and instantly transforms the furniture into gold for free. The “alternative” is independent and costs a whole bunch, as it will most likely end up as a money dump for those that have nothing else to buy.

The devs already promised exclusivity, just read the Indiegogo page.

@Zak @Foohy @macdguy
Somebody, we need the almighty word before this becomes the first shit show of TU’s history.

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If you actually read it, the page says the watch is exclusive, not the paint, or the fact that furniture can be made into gold.