How about "Alternate Layout" modes for condos, namely House

So I’ve been looking around in the past and noticed that House had an earlier design with more rooms. When I mentioned it though, players remarked that it wasn’t very good due to the fact that there were tons of rooms.

However, I, for one, would prefer multiple smaller rooms over a couple big rooms. Especially since the only room in the current design that has one single entrance and exit is the office. I’d like the ability to have multiple dedicated rooms.

So that gave me an idea, instead of just flat-out replacing the map entirely, why not offer the ability to select which layout you prefer in the condo preset settings. Choosing your layout would wipe the condo of props and change it to the selected layout. Created presets would follow this.

Are the changes unable to be made using canvas shapes?


Well given that there’s no official floor plans, there’s no way to get an accurate layout.
Also I’m pretty sure some walls and things are in completely different places.

The Lower Level of the House was completely different and the Basement didn’t exist in the original version.

Originally there was a second bathroom behind the kitchenette (where the basement stairs and the large room’s alcove are). The entrance of the basement stairs was originally a closet with a heater.
The lower level’s stairs were originally in an empty room separated from the larger room. There were some smaller changes on the upper level, but I think that’s about it.

There also used to be some light assemblies on the ceilings that are gone now.

Yeah, I certainly liked parts of the old house condo map. Some parts were better like more than one bathroom and multiple smaller bedrooms with closets.