Hotfix vs Alpha 0.X Release

Can we get a definition of what justifies as a Hotfix and what justifies a 0.X Release?

Only reason I ask is, both introduce features and bugs.

While we are on the subject, can we get some more cohesive numbering system. In-game and on the forums, the version numbers go 0.0.X.X currently. But on the Trello, everything is 0.X.X.

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I have the same doubt regarding numeration. Normally, when it’s four numbers it goes like:

Relase State . Major Release . Minor Release . Bug Fix/Patch

When it’s three numbers however, its’ like the last number is not really needed. In that sense, the three number versions would make the most sense as it’s shown on Trello however the whole thing just comes a whole inconsistency. I would love to know which numeration is the correct one as well. :confused:

PloiteWhale explained it best.

Following this numbering scheme, will be when the game leaves early access. will be the initial Early Access release. A better way to look at it is Stable.Beta.Alpha.

Well then why don’t they update the Trello and the Game to read like that then…

Because they’re releasing hotfixes. In my limited experience, hotfixes are typically small, quick patches that don’t change or add much. All they do is fix bugs instead of adding new features.

The first Backer alpha was version 0.0.2. Stable 0, Beta 0, Alpha 2. When the game was added to Steam, and got some new features, they bumped it up to 0.0.3, Stable 0, Beta 0, Alpha 3. Now, since bugfixes can be delivered efficiently through Steam, they can work on bugfixes and patches that don’t add much but makes each alpha iteration more stable. We’re now on, Stable 0, Beta 0, Alpha 3, Fix 2.

I don’t know why they’d be too concerned with bugfixes while TU is in an alpha stage, I’d think that’d be better when the Alpha got to a better stage, or even for 0.1.0, the Early Access beta.

But the point in my original post was that these Hotfixes are adding features. So what’s the distinction…

What features? I wouldn’t call making the player list scroll or fixing a bug with the condo panel and 4:3 screen aspect ratios features.

You’re right in that added the stores to the plaza.

The latest hotfix introduced Kicking. Features are features, no matter how small.

It’s now:

Major Release . Minor Release . New Feature . Patch/Bug Fix


Okay, that makes sense.