Hotbar: 9 & 0

As most hotbars have ten slots, but this has eight, why not expand?

please! i’m not sure why 9 & 0 are unused… as far as i know there aren’t any binds implemented for those keys? having more slots would be fantastic just for the little things… maybe there’s some other reason why they’re not being used? i’d love to know…


I think the last time this was asked the answer was for performance reasons, considering the selection slots is also where some wearables are equipped.


wouldnt an easy solution be to add 2 slots to weapons and leave the wearables to 8 (and restrict wearables from being put in the 2 new weapon slots)?


i suppose so, but how much performance loss would you get from 4 more wearables at absolute max? either way, i’d just really love to see those two slots get utilized…


I won’t be able to see performance hits regardless; this game can’t reach 144fps, lol. I do see a steady 50~60fps though, which I’m totally fine with.
The only real issue I could probably see is having ten pets follow players. It’s bad enough with eight.

Most modern games target for 60FPS average, 144 FPS is an insane metric unless you have a really beefy rig. Of course unless you lower the graphics. Right now we have a higher CPU usage than GPU usage, though.

Adding more wearables would cause some issues with performance. Weapons maybe not (because when holstered they don’t do anything), but other equippables definitely impact performance.


Ten hotbar slots, but eight wearables could be doable, right?

Anyway, I’ll share this from my profile.
How beefy can it get, given the current state in the GPU and overall chip shortage?

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How beefy can it get, you ask? I have mostly comparable specs to you except that I have an i9-9900k and an RTX 2080ti

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