Hot Fix

This update addresses several issues that were recently reported.


  • Replaced Throwable Tornado Arcade milestone with new Throwable Plushy milestone. With the new milestone you can throw all the plushies from pluck-a-pal
  • You can now change the color of the Laser Saber with reload key
  • Tweaked Avalanche gameplay a bit
  • Ping now shows for P2P hosted games (game world servers and condo)
  • Added Sack-Cat, Catsack Plush, Ram Plush, and Llama Plush to Pluck-a-Pal

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed RC car turning being different due to physics changes
  • Fixed theater seats being flipped
  • Fixed Ice Cave bonus score not being included in highscore leaderboard submission
  • Fixed news UI hot fix buttons clipping
  • Fixed weiner dog plush missing collision
  • Virus: Fixed player emote/mic icon being offset
  • Virus: Fixed infected health bar drawing through world and being really offset
  • Fixed Alpaca Plush awarding the wrong plush in Pluck-a-Pal
  • Fixed a few item icons on Steam

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I can’t believe but my dream has come true.

Thanks for your work.


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