Hot Fix

Another quick hot fix, but we’ve also added a couple new features.

Canvas Disk Cache System

This system will automatically download trusted canvases (by default only your friends) and store them on the disk.

You can disable this, but we recommend it for Condos you enter often as it speeds up load times dramatically . In our tests, Condos with canvases went from 80 seconds load times to half a second.

Any blocked canvas players will automatically be cleared out from your disk cache, as well.

We’ve also added options to clear out your canvas cache. The canvas cache data is stored in a Cache folder in your Tower Unite folder.


  • Added translation planes to gizmos which allow you to move items on set xyz planes
  • Added uniform scaler to scale gizmo
  • Workshop Editor: Added ability to use emissive value on translucent materials
  • Workshop Editor: Added ability to inverse shoulder width
  • Added canvas disk cache which dramatically improves load-ins for condos you have visited already. This can be turned off and blocked players/URLs will automatically be removed from the disk cache. There will also be a mode to enable it only for Condos that you are friends with
  • Added descriptions to parental control settings

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed workshop player models being larger than they should
  • Fixed piano and typing animations making players lift up in their seats
  • Fixed crouch animations clipping through floor in Lobby
  • Fixed workshop favorites icons being stretched
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed shoulder width not being previewable with animations
  • Workshop Editor: Fixed My Uploads not showing all your uploads if you had more than 50 uploads
  • Fixed Ball Race and Bowling not using shoulder width/placement for workshop models properly
  • Fixed parental controls warning that you haven’t done anything due to global chat bug (server steam id lookup failure)
  • Fixed canvas parental control settings not working when you join a server through global chat (server steam id lookup failure)
  • Fixed some weapons not working in Condos

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can follow our weekly developer logs here:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.

12 Likes Addendum Fixes 10/15/2018

  • Locked items no longer can be edited, stashed, or sold until they are unlocked
  • Added a lock icon on item tool tip next to items that are locked
  • Gizmo input: uniform scale button is easier to click on
  • Gizmo input: spin and stretch buttons were switched
  • Increased lighting in Suite
  • Disabled dynamic shadows in Studio
  • Added chat rules/agreement popup
  • Fixed laser pointer not working Lobby
  • Fixed a bug with Minigolf
  • Fixed parental control warning not always applying properly
  • Fixed player metadata applying too late when a player respawns (caused respawn issues in Ball Race)

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