Hot Fix


This hotfix addresses many issues with the media player.
The Plaza has also shed its winter snow.


  • Added a new item: Theater Screen
  • Summer Plaza is back
  • Optimization to Plaza was done
  • Added the ability to change moon angle and moon lighting intensity
  • Added quick use buttons to quickly toggle into night or day time instead of fumbling around with the sliders
  • Changed Condo settings menu to no longer require holding C to interact with it
  • Added a return to main settings page to Condo settings menu
  • Updated the look of the Condo settings menu
  • Slight UI touch up on the store UI
  • Added text that informs players of the item scale when the item is scaled down for the pedestal

Bug Fixes

  • Major: Fixed issue where if you turn off the media player and turn it back on again, you couldn’t add videos to it
  • Major: Fixed issue where you wouldn’t be able to interact with multiple media players
  • Fixed player models not setting correctly for Bowling and Ball Race
  • Fixed Smooth Dirt having a massive sun and moon
  • Fixed a fog issue with Condo windows
  • Fixed flashlight in third person being offset
  • Fixed a bug where changing day night would not happen instantly for the condo owner (which made it hard to preview what the change will be)
  • Fixed chat line not wrapping properly for repeated characters
  • Fixed media player text elements not being clipped properly
  • Added missing water volume to Highrise pool
  • Fixed emote icon scale in Little Crusaders
  • Fixed FOV resetting when switching to third person mode
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed bad lightmaps on hole 15
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 17 moving hole reported issues
  • Minigolf - Treasure Cove: Fixed hole 10 issue where you could occasionally fall off the tightrope section
  • Minigolf - Emission: Fixed hole 17 out of bounds issue
  • Fixed pets in the Toy Store clipping through the store pedestal
  • Fixed a few more cases of stuttering when synchronously loading items that became out of network range

You can follow our current developments on our Trello:

You can report bugs on our forums:

Or you may also report bugs on our Steam community, but please expect slow response time.




Theater Screen! Thank you so much. It is HOOGE. Can finally have a big theater in my Highrise easily w/o having my janky canvas setup that didn’t display right :joy:


Ikr. I bought it and greatly underestimated how big it’d be. It doesn’t even fit in either of my houses. Lol. I have been wanting to buy highrise, though, so good to know that it fits in there.


i love the new design! :grin:

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Yes! It fits great down in the highrise basement. Could be a bit bigger even, but I’m not complaining.

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