Hot Fix

This update addresses several bugs and adds new upgrades, gameplay changes to various game worlds, and features requested by the community.


  • End of Anniversary Events
  • Minigolf: Waterhole - 18: Improved cart spline
  • Minigolf: Updated Ink/Slime Ball, Earth Ball, and Moon Ball upgrade sounds
  • Halloween remains no longer show up in the collection book
  • ZM: Werewolves now give 250pts per kill, instead of 50pts
  • ZM: Ghosts & Pumpkinheads now give 75pts per kill, instead of 50pts
  • ZM: Melee weapons now glow purple instead of blue to differentiate from ranged weapons
  • Ball Race: Added respawn key support

Bug Fixes

  • ZM: Fixed turret colliding with players
  • Arcade: Fixed buttons not animating properly
  • Arcade: Fixed Snow In achievement icon using the wrong icon

Next Major Update

We are busy working on Arcade Phase 2 for next update! Track its status here:

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