Hot Fix

This hot fix addresses several issues you’ve reported, along with gameplay adjustments. We got more fixes in the works as well.


  • Arcade: Improved collision for Avalanche
  • Arcade: Increased throw speed for Avalanche
  • Arcade: Improved jackpot effects for Whirl-a-Fish
  • Arcade: Made missing an apple for Newton’s Apple a lot more noticeable
  • Arcade: There is now a HUD element for how many drops/throws/coins left for the game you are currently playing
  • Arcade: Instead of displaying “x5” or “x2” when holding multiple pickups in the throwing based Arcade games, the pickups now visually display, allowing you to better aim with multiple pickups
  • Virus: Improved turning animations (players no longer turn on a dime)
  • Virus: Reworked Adrenaline quick use to be more reliable and properly net synced
  • Game World Matchmaking is now automatically selected when clicking on Game Worlds in the menu (before nothing was selected)
  • Arcade: Increased Skeeball game time from 20 seconds to 45 seconds

Bug Fixes

  • Accelerate: Fixed oversteering when drifting into a boost
  • Virus: Fixed Infected movement stuttering due to net desyncs (should also help resolve weapon prediction desyncs too)
  • Arcade: Fixed Billiards sometimes not giving tickets
  • Arcade: Fixed unit deduction showing up after playing an Arcade game causing confusion between token amount and unit amounts
  • Workshop: Fixed lighting on static meshes (workshop condo items)
  • Workshop: Reduced stutter dramatically for static meshes (workshop condo items)
  • Arcade: Fixed Whirl-a-fish scoring happening before a ball has settled into a score zone
  • Casino: Fixed third person not working while in chairs
  • Fixed workshop masked materials not working in Ball Race
  • Condo: Fixed weather precipitation falling indoors
  • Fixed most glass materials showing little spots
  • Fixed Plasma Ball item having a missing material
  • Virus: Fixed Adrenaline quick use not returning back to the weapon you originally had before using the quick use
  • Accelerate: Fixed the All Powerful Sun sometimes hitting one player multiple times, spamming the kill feed
  • Wishy Washy Waterfall: Fixed the finish line not quite being wide enough, resulting in players not lapping
  • Wishy Washy Waterfall: Fixed a spot where items could go underground

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