Hot Fix

This update focuses on fixing various issues in the game, mainly ones from Co-op Condos.


  • Added 5 more grass surface materials
  • Moved Water, Grass, Moss, and Mud materials to Natural surface category
  • Item Finder now colors with your inventory color
  • Made Item Finder a bit more easier to notice

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed canvas statue image being upside down
  • Fixed Ladder top still allowing instant climb even if instant climb is disabled
  • Fixed Ladders not replicating/networking to clients
  • Fixed glass frame items having its X/Y scale erroneously swapped
  • Fixed solid collision on door frame building panels
  • Fixed default canvas items not always shifting to correct for item origin change
  • Fixed Bushes not coloring properly
  • Fixed Ladder not showing up in the Stairs inventory category
  • Fixed Canvas Wall not having drag slots
  • Fixed Canvas Sphere collision not stretching properly again
  • Fixed not being able to sell items while in Lobby (due to a Co-op Condo permission bug)
  • Fixed clients not being able to set canvas data on condo surfaces, even if they have permission
  • Fixed item drag slot index not being remembered when dragging an item and then placing a new identical one
  • Fixed the Doorframe Small Wood item not having a colour element for the wall section.
  • Fixed the neon bar item not resizing its light source length based on the item scale

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