Horror Hill





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Basic Game World

[ul][li]Game coordinator setup[/li][li]Basic gameplay loop[/li][li]Game agent/controls setup[/li][li]Gameplay loop finished[/li][li]Win/lose conditions[/li][li]Scoreboard[/li][li]Sound events[/li][li]Menu banner[/li][li]Menu icon[/li][li]Hosting a server[/li][li]Spawn point system[/li][li]Payouts[/li][li]Prepare for release[/li][li]Music[/li][li]TODO: Add gameplay specific to-dos[/li][/ul]





Yes finally!!


What exactly would this gamemode be?
EDIT: Now my most anticipated feature/gamemode for TU, well, aside from the soon coming fishing!


We don’t know much, and it’s been a while since we’ve heard anything so my apologies if I’m wrong on anything.

Horror Hill is meant to be a multiplayer, asymmetric team horror game where one team is composed of people and the other team is composed of ghosts. I want to say that the specters are trying to kill the people while the people are trying to (re?)kill the ghosts, though I’m not confident this is accurate. It is meant to be a sort of horror game, so I’d expect the people to be subject to scares by the ghosts.


Hearing that, it makes me imagine it to be some sort of cross between The Hidden and Deathrun. Maybe the ghosts have to activate traps and stuff to scare the humans, and the humans have to find the ghosts somehow. Just guessing here, but it sounds like it could be fun.


The humans are trying to “complete a series of objectives”, while the ghosts are trying to stop them.


That sounds awesome, I’d imagine there be hidden walls/pictures you can walk through, ghost only areas. Similar to TTT’s Traitor rooms. Also the ability for ghosts to possess humans or disguise themselves as a human. I wonder if this will be a fast paced game, like simple 5 minute objectives with rotating teams, or long period games like L4D’s Versus mode.


Aw yeah, I’ve been waiting for this. HYPE!