Horizon Condos - wrong name on a smooth dirt sign

It also says “A unnaturally” when it should be “An unnaturally”

This is what I get when swapping out layers in Photoshop and not looking properly…

Will be fixed in the next update as well as the grammatical error.


WAIT but the grammar is actually fine!!!

When you use an article (a, an, the) It’s always in reference to the noun of that sentence. Adjectives have no effect on what article you use. So in the case of the proposed fix:

  • An unnaturally flat…

The article “an” does not match up with “flat”, which demands “a” for having a consonant as the first letter of the word.

Therefore, we can see that the actual grammatically correct usage of the article would be “a”, and not “an”

  • A unnaturally flat…

…is indeed correct!

no cakemagic the first letter in the next word is a vowel
so its an unnatural


The next word doesn’t mean anything, what matters is the noun that the article is referencing. In this case it’s actually “site”.

I was wrong in my first post, we get 4 adjectives and then a noun with a consonant.

Just because it sounds right when it rolls of the tongue doesn’t mean it’s grammatically correct.

Look, I get not wanting to be wrong, but what are you talking about?


After you fix that Lifeless please fix these crimes against humanity

[details=definitely not minor issues]



You select a or an based on the sound of the first letter of the following word.

If the first word starts with a vowel sound you use an. If the first word has a consonant sound use a.

Maybe i shouldn’t mention the missing hyphen in “grass covered”… wait?

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