Horizon Condos needs better presence

Where do I buy new condos?” feels like a pretty common question whenever there’s a surge of new players. Unlike asking where you buy a jetpack, it’s still somewhat justified, being tucked away at the back of the furniture store.

But how??? Well, one could…

Put it straight back.
This way, people would actually have a sightline of it from the entrance of the store.

Bring it up front.
Put the Furnishing desk on the opposite wall and move it up. Still visible from the front, but even harder to miss from the entrance. This front area is really empty anyway.

Put it in the Tower.
This could have the opposite effect, honestly, but I miss this from early lobby 2. Having an office where you buy condos in the building where you check into condos just made sense, while having it in a furniture store doesn’t really make sense at all if you wanna get realistic about it. There will allegedly be a big overhaul to condo check-ins, so I’m just throwing this one out there too.

agreed, something like condos which are a big part of tu should have their shop in a good visible place rather then squished in the back of sweet suite furnishings

I don’t think your first two solutions would stop anyone from asking. The front of the store has a big sign on it that says “CONDOS”, so if they don’t see that I don’t think they’d see something like another desk in front. And as you said, people also ask where to buy jetpacks and wings and everything else. I think people ask not because they didn’t notice it, but because they don’t want to look around for it and want someone else to point them directly to it.

Your third solution might help, though, because it puts a huge sign right in front of the spawn.


Regardless of people asking about it, I agree that overall the condo’s storefront shouldn’t be tucked away like it is right now. I can see what they devs were thinking, but I don’t think it makes sense in practice. The space that Horizon is in is pretty useless anyways, it’d make more sense to just have another desk at the entrance, or just add the NPC next to the furniture NPC (like the Bowling Alley)

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