Homestuck or Undertale

  • Homestuck
  • Undertale
  • What even are these things

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you can see it in my profile picture

Why is “drop burning napalm on both” not an option?



I’m not sure why you’re comparing a webcomic to an indie game, but whatever floats your boat.


raisins is a webcomic?

@Arsenic I’d add that, but that would require a moderator since you cant edit a poll after 5 minutes of it having been made

Great indie game with cancerous fanbase v cancerous comic with cancerous fanbase


To be honest I have no idea what either one is

I like both. I feel like even though I enjoy homestuck I need to read it again, because after a couple hundred pages I started to skip dialogue.

Undertale is a fantastic game that changed a lot and means a lot to me, and it’s very enjoyable.

Both fanbases are VERY hit and miss, though.

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I have an Undertale shirt and pins that total up to around $55
And I completed the game 6 times. So yeah.

To be honest I haven’t read much Homestuck and don’t really remember the little I did so I can’t vote fairly. But Undertale (path True Pacifist) is GOTY 2015.

For anyone who doesn’t know it and got 15 minutes, play the demo. I won’t link the trailer because it’s surrounded by spoilers. It’s one of these “Play it unspoiled for maximum enjoyment or vomit the first ten seconds because you’re allergic to NES era graphics. Or just dislike it, whatever floats your boat.”-kind of things.


EDIT: Not sure who flagged this, but they flagged it as off-topic, which it isn’t. I’m just agreeing with @Arkive86.


@meharryp may i have you know that homestuck isn’t a cancerous comic, although i definitely agree with the fanbase part and how undertale is a great indie game

Lets get @macdguy to make it happen then! I’m sure he’ll love another pointless notification that I just gave him!

Haven’t seen or played any of them, I only have the fanbases to go off. And from the way a lot the fans represent them they look like forced, edgy, amateur, SJW stuff.

Who knows, maybe one day I’ll give them a look. I once said the same about Steven Universe and that show is real subtle with its morals.