Holy **** so many more ideas!

I’ve been offline for a while so of course in the back of my brain ideas have been slowly but meticulously filling up, and now its time to dump them all into a post.

First of all. Having some kind of trading card game in Tower Unite would be cool. If we base the basic rules on something like Pokemon or war, we could make a card game based on the developers and other various items, people and games in Tower Unite. So you would rare cards like “Zak: does <#> damage and buffs all other cards around him with +1 attack.” and common cards like “Minigolf: equip a card with a nine-iron. +3 attack.” of course, to get the cards you would buy card packs for a debatable amount of money from a store (maybe a place to buy arcade games, card packs and other nerdy items can be its own store? like the equivalent of a geek store.) also maybe a trading system between players that allows card trading?

Idea #2:
There needs to be some way to make profit in Tower Unite other than playing minigames for hours or selling stuff. So I propose that players will be allowed to set up stores within their condos to sell items like the cards I proposed in my first idea, game cartridges (you will understand after you read the next idea) rare furniture or collectibles, arcade machines, food, the list goes on. Also to avoid people selling items cheaper than they should be, maybe have a set minimal price for all the items. Maybe even have stalls or merchant stands you can rent (one per person, but they vary in size for people who are selling more than others.) this would also mean more people have access to certain items, where before it would be almost impossible (or impossible in some cases) to get an item or items without have being there for a certain time or place.

Idea #3: Seeing all the places games can be played nowadays via new mobile (iphones, andriods) and old mobile (PSP, D.S.) I think we should create some kind of handheld device to play games on, where of course you would use cartridges to play the games (who doesn’t like cartridges?) and you can buy the games at the aforementioned geek store, or buy them from a player shop. You would definitely want multiplayer for some of the games. Just think about it. (im about to use a bunch of my ideas at once, so dont hate if its not in the game) You and your friends are at your condo where you are throwing a party. You have pizza, TV, loud music, and in the corner of the room some players are trading some cards. Then you get an idea. You open your Portable Entertainment Pod (oooh, nice acronym. the P.E.P. hmmm…) and you and your friends all huddle on the couch playing your favorite games, all laughing and cursing and having a good time. Sounds fun, right? (god this sounds like im trying to win an election. Vote mobile device in Tower Unite today!)

Idea #4:
Taunts from TF2 are perhaps the second most entertaining thing in the game (the first being the game) so I propose we expand the gesture wheel above and beyond! things like premade gestures to ones you can make by yourself (similar to the pac3 editor in GMOD) and, as a plus to people who can make animations into gestures, maybe even being able to sell them in your “house-store” using the idea above! It may have to be moderated though.

Idea #5:
I cant remember if I have seen this before, so Im going to gloss over it quickly just in case. When you go to bed, you have different dreams. For example, a dream about playing virus, but the infected are replaced with the last player you were closest to, a dream about becoming a werewolf and killing a bunch of villagers, a dream about meeting Zak or Mac, but they taunt you, a dream about visiting lobby one, and so on.

Idea #6: More of a suggestion than anything, but please PLEASE add controller support. I wanna drive go carts with a controller, not an unwieldy keyboard.

Ooops, forgot one thing.

Idea #7: player stores will be kind of useless if their isn’t a lot of collectible items, so I think that some items (accessories, clothes, furniture) should be find-able only, so it doesn’t sell in the default shops, but is allowed to be sold in the community shops. I.E. everytime you die their is a small chance of finding an item exclusive to that minigame, so if I were playing ball race, I could find a life size version of a ball-race ball for my condo. Now I could keep it or sell it in a community store for money.

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Already confirmed feature.

As for everything else, they sound like good Workshop Mods, but I don’t know how well they would work in Tower Unite stock.


1 - Personally, I’m not a big fan of trading card games.

2 - Player shops were already suggested.

3 - Handhelds could be interesting. There’s already the in-game arcade game system being created.
I think handheld games should give out mediocre payments much like the Blockles game on GMTower, that way there’s added incentive to play them when you’re bored, but they don’t turn players away from the gameworlds.

4 - I’m all for more animations and emotes, makes roleplay more fun.

5 - I think the dream thing would get annoying real fast, for me, at least.

6 - Like @Caboose700 Caboose said controller support is already confirmed.

7 - If it’s not completely overdone to the point that most normal shop items/clothing feel inadequate, I think have /some/ findable stuff would be nice.

I love those time you have so many idea about something.

Ideas #2 and #4 are very nice and the game could really benefit from them. The others (aside from #6) seem nice but could, as Caboose said, be good ideas for Workshop mods.