Holiday Season Content Update (Later Development)

So here is what I was thinking for the month of December and maybe more of the winter: There could be maybe a bit of snow on the ground, Minoras and Condo Christmas trees for sale in the shops, present boxes to give to people, and a giant pine tree like in Rockefeller Center in NYC.


are you talking about having christmas holiday relation item ?

Im talking about a whole festive event with Christmas Trees and presents and all that. Im not sure what you mean exactly :confused:

so a holiday theme ? :frowning:

This was a seasonal occurrence on GMOD Tower, which normally had ones for Christmas and Halloween, but they were a pain to develop and update each year as (if I recall correctly), all workshops files had to be updated to support the holiday theme and it just proved to be too much of a hassle for Pixeltail and they were also affected by the limitations of the source engine and so could not do what they wanted to do.

Hopefully with Tower Unite being standalone and on Unreal Engine 4, it will much easier to develop holiday events and we will hopefully see them on a more regular basis. :smile:

We’ll be pretty much able to make the theme ourselves. The devs will just give us the “template” for it, and we do the rest. I think that would be cool! Somebody suggested this, can’t bother finding the thread :V.

I mean a seasonal occurence.

How would developer do that?
have the avatar present gift boxes to another avatar and open it?

If you’ve played TF2 I was thinking sort of like that mate- A player uses a gift wrap (probably sold in the toy shop) with an item in their inventory and gives a wrapped gift item to a player, then the gift receiver unwraps the gift in their inventory to receive the enclosed item.

Well, tropical areas do not typically get snow on the ground. I would love to see seasonal content though. Maybe if we could travel to like a ski resort in the winter, that would be kind of cool to see.

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Yeah a ski resort would be cool.