Hole #19 in forest

Clearly a hole in forest is not playable, it can be seen in the lake under hole 9 and seen at the end of hole 18, whats the story behind it?

That’s the old Practice Hole, there’s another one in the middle of the lake in Waterhole.
Originally while a game was waiting to start, players would spawn in a practice hole to putt around in.
There may be more, but I haven’t looked for them.

Personally I think this is a fun little idea and should return. With Upgrades it’d be useful to see how your upgrade combo looks in game.


The specific practice hole in Forest is there because it’s a holdover from the original Gmod Tower map (which had the practice hole system), not because of the practice hole system being implemented in-game.

This system was in place very early on in the game’s life (some time in the alpha I think, though my memory’s not great), but this was back when Waterhole was the only map available, IIRC. I think the Waterhole one might’ve been removed after one of the art passes though, haven’t played it in a while.

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I think it’s still there but it uses the pre-art pass styles still.

Thanks for the reply, I’ve never played the GTowers, so its nice to know the history behind it, I’ll have to mention it next time I stream Towers Unite.