"Hold "K" to respawn in Ballrace"

As title says, holding K for like 3(?) seconds would respawn us in ballrace (using one of our lives obviously)

I like this idea, but maybe just like in GMT without the 3 seconds of waiting


hold would be disableable, also ive made Hold for no accidental deaths.

needs to be timed to avoid it being abused


Sorry sir, but this disturbs me:

I don’t see why this need to be timed, there’s no such “abuse” but you just kill yourself, and waste your 3 lives. How’s this abuse ? :confused:

he said “respawn” not “kill yourself”

Well he specified that you’d use one of your lives, so it’s pretty much killing yourself. I think maybe a much shorter hold time of like 1 second to prevent accidental presses would be fair.

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Ah, didn’t notice that. My fault.

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