Hit it like kanye


Happy $60k! :fireworks:

To the devs, please don’t reveal the $70k stretch goal. I don’t want to see what we could have gotten.

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we would have probably gotten every gem and that kinda stuff down the line anyways, it’s just a matter of time before they have ideas they want to put in anyways its just that they need to get it on steam and early access WITH FULL FUNCTIONALITY MIGHT I ADD, hell i thought condos were actually how you’d expect condos to be but that turned out wrong -_-

Eyyyy! Nice job fellas.

YASSS! :smiley:
Are the milestones updated yet?

Really glad to see them hit the goal. I wonder what the 70k stretch goal will be.

I’m curious to see what the 70K$ stretch goal is going to be. Even if it’s not hit now, we will probably see it at some point during the game’s life time.

Yes, just Yes