Highrise Nitpick Thread

The Highrise feels a bit rushed and there are a lot of finicky things with its map. This is a thread where you can post your little nitpicks you would like resolved

My initials:

Frame separated from wall downstairs

These weird walls that poke through outside

You can see through the corners of the opening of the pool room

Frames popping off the windows in the rafters of the big room

The pole goes through the rafters in a strange way in the big room

Not an issue, but it would be nice if there were actual water running down

The vents lead to the wood floor

The bottom rim flickers on movement downstairs towards the back left

Using a jetpack by the glass dome in the large room lets you go through it (I did not use noclip)

Weird clipping terrain here (rafters of the large room)

More terrain clipping by elevator foyer (Towards the floor)

Please allow us to edit the purple trims

The way these pathways just cut off is so frustrating

It’d be nicer if this were aligned with the lines of the texture

Can’t edit these walls


I have a temporary solution, check this out!

It’s a canvas cube with the waterfall effect, and a few pieces of Floor Fog.

I know it isn’t perfect, but it’s the best I could come up with.

Oo, smart! I’ll be sure to add that! Thank you :smiley:

I have 3 complaints about highrise.

  1. The awful, unchangable mauve trim that litters the map.

  2. The big empty basement floor is nice enough to be its own condo map to the point that I’ve seen many people just section off the entire upstairs so you take the elevator.

  3. That weird blue glown in the main room entrance.

I’m guilty of this. If the highrise basement were its own condo, I would buy it without hesitation. I still feel weird about cutting off what’s supposed to be the main part of the map, but it’s necessary for the type of condo I’m making with it.