Highlight Last Object Option

So often, my items get stuck and become difficult to click on. I’ll have to clip through the wall and get in just the right spot to even have a chance to highlight them - especially with workshop models. Then I have to bust out the item finder and try and find it there.

Suggesting a button to immediately highlight the last object. Would help speed up things quite a bit.

I’d also suggest that maybe we can a work list that shows the last few recently edited objects or a few objects within a close distance. Using the item finder all the time is a little tedious so it’d be nice to have something a bit more hands-on.

Might help.

For now, the best thing you can do for this type of issue is just nickname those kinds of items.
You can do that, and that way you can use the Item Finder function to find it more easily.
It’s a pain but it does help in the long run. Especially with so many same items such as Workshop or canvas.

Example is my “Fake Portal for vent” canvas that is also hard to edit until I use Item Finder.

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Yeah, I have to rely on item finder for editing a lot of items that just cannot be clicked. Its just fairly tedious.

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would love this and also the ability to turn highlight border on and off while still having the item selected