Hiding the interfaces

Does anyone know of a way to hide or remove the UI that shows your cursor and how many units you have without having to go into the game files and change stuff around like say removing the file or changing it out with another one where the UI doesn’t have textures?

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I believe you can hide the UI in the Gameplay options menu.


The options there only allow you to increase or decrease the size of it, the smallest i can lower it to is 80.

In Gameplay settings there are options to disable crosshair and the lobby HUD.

Is that a new thing?
Last time i checked it wasn’t there.

It’s been there for quite sometime, like actual months.

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Well im gonna go scoop out my eyes and get some new ones then since it seems that they dont work properly.

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Just tried it and it works fine for me. Are you just using the UI scale? The option to turn off the crosshair and hud are in the gameplay options.

That might explain why i didnt find it, since i was looking in graphics which is usually where they put options like that.

Yeah, the options menu could definitely use some tidying up. Glad I could help, though.

Well thanks to everyone that answered the question, if anyone that is able to close threads would be so kind as to close it now that would be nice.

Only the devs can lock threads.

Yet regulars can move threads around all whilly nilly whenever they feel like it.
God i love this forum sometimes.

Well, because moving something to a different section really doesn’t hurt anything. Nothing changes if a topic is moved to a different section. Give people the power to lock stuff just by being active and it opens the opportunity for them to just start locking posts that they don’t agree with. That’s why topic locking is always an admin-only thing. I’ve never been on a forum where anyone other than an admin could lock topics.