Hi there, I'm Serious Lion

I’m Serious Lion and you may have seen me on yesterday’s stream as friedelverpoort wich is my real name.
I didn’t play GMT a hole lot since one of my closest friends coudn’t due to the lag and some latency problems(bad internet) and since we play mostly together I wasn’t on GMT that much. When I played I enjoyed it very much.
I like ofcource gaming, but I also love programming and I’m learning myself the basics of modelling since that part is also a main role in making games. And I dream of making games one day… but that still future since I’m still going to school. I had some questions yesterday that didn’t got answered yet and I figured out I would introduce myself first on this forums so I’m here and I’m looking forward to play Tower Unite.

This is probably a too long introduction, sorry if I bored you! :grin:

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Welcome, SeriousLion! Enjoy being a human entity on this planet.

are we human or are we dancers? And I enjoy

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Welcome to the community. Sorry about your internet, hope you get that sorted out!

it’s not mine but my friends my internet is rather good

Hi! You didn’t bore me at all, that was quite interesting.

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this is not long at all! you should look at my introduction XD

i bet your a Dancing Lion… maybe a Dancing SeriousLion

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