Hi, i'm uhie

hi there! i’m theuhie.
i’ve been following tower unite for about 6 months now, though i never got a chance to play gmod tower.
one of my main interests in video games has always been online social games, and tower unite has definitely been a great way for me to enjoy that interest.

thanks for reading. i hope to see you around.


Welcome to the forums!

welcome to the forums! :slight_smile:

Ello! :smiley:

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

Enjoy your time in the tower! :smiley_cat:

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Hai, welcome to the forums and TU :smirk_cat:

hey, thanks for coming on. you seem like a cool person


Hello, and welcome :smiley:

Welcome to the tower, my man!

Welcome to the tower and forums theuhie. :slight_smile:

No you’re not.

how can you be so sure?

Welcome to the Forums, Where you will spend 50 days of your life on Jackpots and Gambling, Tower Unite is also known for it’s inventory.exe not responding, just be careful, you don’t know what you can expect here.

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