Hi i'm Jim


played GMT 2013, last time i remember playing was when I lost 100k in slot machines and some other guy got it.

I only just got UT for the monthly humble and psyched that I got it as the achievements were coming out as I gotta catch em all.

Big fan of jerma, my favorite moments of his was low quality condemned 2 and getting over it phone joke. Was looking for a jerma character like BeanBagSonic, Glueman which didn’t exist yet, but at least I found a rat


Welcome Jim to the forums!
Heres your Welcome Cheese :cheese:


Welcome to the forums, Jim.


Jerma vs Star Jerma vs Star everybody wants to see this happen




Welcome Jim




welcome to the tower!


Welcome to the forums!
There are many more ways to gamble away your savings now!


Hi Jim! How’dya do?


sup rip to ur gmc


hiii jiiim

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