Hi, I'm Diamond_Vader

Hi, I’m Diamond_Vader.

I’ve been playing Tower Unite for about almost 2 years now. I try to be nice to everyone and so far, everyone in the community has been wholesome and really fun to play with, I’ve rarely have found anyone that has been really toxic except for a few people.

I love this game, I love Virus and the community condos are AMAZING. I’ve played adventure maps, HUGE CITY maps and just this game has the best community and players.

This introduction is really just me saying how much I love this damn game and the community.

Still waiting for the Arcade update… I got some popcorn if you’re hungry.


Welcome to the forums!

can i have your popcorn

Don’t pay too much attention to the rotten apples in global chat, okay?

Man i need to check out more condos

Hello there!

Howdy, welcome to the forums. Hope to see you in game some time!

Greetings and welcome Diamond_Vader!

you have free stuff to take, so welcome to the forums :)

Mr.Diamond_Vader, we been expecting you(The Matrix joke). Welcome to the official Tower Unite Community Forums, please enjoy your stay and thank you for the popcorn.

Welcome to the Forums! Glad to hear you’re enjoying the game and are now part of our Forums, I’m sure you’ll see me around a lot!

Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


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