Hi, i am new here and im not good at titles

I gotta make one of these introductions i guess… I am just some guy who plays video games. nothing special. I played about 100 hours of garry’s mod tower, my favourite game is TF2, I am a British gamer, and i am an Incredibly Mediocre drawing Person. That’s all I Know about myself. I hope i will be accepted here.

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Welcome to the Community. :smiley:

Trust me, you’ll fit in just fine. Welcome!

Welcome! I love your display name. :smiley:

Welcome to the community forums @Cyann3. Enjoy your stay. :smile:


Welcome aboard! :speedboat:

Welcome to the Tower Unite campfire, pull up a log and have a seat! :fire:

Welcome to the community, sir!

Sup, Kirby?