Hi game world idea


hello a game world ide idea such a mode would also be cool in tower unite spy vs merc we in splinter cell https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FUfYLnGQIkY


Might I suggest next time you open up a thread, you pick a slightly more descriptive title? Like, drop a word or two about the game world idea so people can guess if they’re interested in reading and participating in the discussion. :wink:

Why exactly do you think this would make for good TU content? What about it is fun, what did you like, how does an enjoyable round of the game play? See also:


The spies will have to hide from the third-person perspective before the mercs also have only face-off grenades and stun guns and steal a specific computer stealing computer and so on when they have 2 to 3 kill targets they have won the mercs the goals from the first person perspectives prevent this and detect and eliminate the spies they are heavily armed to the spies with grenades and so on if they manage after a short time the spies have won the mercs

sry for scribe fails i have google translater i can not good english