Hi Community!!


Hi all!
First I’m sorry for my bad English, it’s not my language and I’m too stupid to learn it.
I’ve been playing Tower Unite for about a month and until now I did not dare to create an account in this forum, I do not speak much in the chats of the game because of my language problem (I promise I try to learn) and even then I notice that it is the best community regarding other games.
I spend a lot of time in the casino (maybe I have a problem xD) minigolf I also like it a lot,
In general I love the freedom of tower unite.
In steam I call myself the same as here, I am 27 years old and I usually connect about 2 or 3 hours a day in European servers, so if you see me and want to play something, let me know
Greetings to all!



Welcome to the community

your english is very good its not bad



Welcome to the community! This is where I’d usually say something about how you shouldn’t go in the casino but I think it’s too late for that.

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welcome to the thingy thing yeah

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Welcome to Tower Unite Community, In joy your stay.

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Welcome to the community, we have many fun things for you to discover and participate in along with the casino that you already know of,
such as:
Holiday events such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter.
Boatloads of different achievements for our many gamemodes and minigames
7 different gamemodes where you can shoot zombies, fight against giant dragons, play minigolf and race against others in a giant plastic ball.
Or decorating your own personal condo to your hearts content with whatever possible ideas you can come up with, who says a house can’t be more than just a home.

Or the global chat which houses some really great discussion ranging from personal likes and dislikes to what what mysteries the universe can hold or how our current technology can impact humanity down the line. And discussions that makes you wonder what dark and twisted actions we have commited as a species to deserve to witness the things said in that chat, things that will make you wonder if we aren’t just born into this world to suffer at the hands of some sick demented god who created us and then left us to our own devices for his own amusement, which inevitably left us at a point where we bicker over the most inane that is of no importance to anyone, which leaves you with unanswerable worries about the future of humanity, questions that you will never find answers to in this cold and merciless world…
And many more.

Also you got better written English skills than most native English speakers i know in real life.



Wow, thanks for the compliments and such good answers.
Regarding the language the problem is that I can easily take about 10 minutes to translate a simple sentence (lol), so it is very complicated to maintain a fluent conversation



Welcome to the forums!
You can’t be too stupid to learn an arbitrarily difficult language.
The very act of being able to understand multiple languages (no matter how long it takes to translate) is impressive in and of itself.
Be proud that you can understand English, even if you aren’t very quick at it!

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welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:


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