Hi! Barbaric Space Whale Here

I’m mostly here to grind for units and build up a swanky condo, that and play the games and make it fun.

I played the original mod this game was based on a while ago, and I’m really glad to see this project pop back up from what I thought was going to be a slow fade to obscurity, and hope this game grows into something huge. This game only gets better the more people there are to party with!

So what are you guys looking forward to in this game’s future? I personally can’t wait to see the Arcades and other Plaza attractions get fleshed out. I’m also learning to become a software developer, so the arcades might give me an opportunity to practice programming in a fun way when it’s out.


Hi Space Whale!

Welcome to the community!

I can’t wait for the bowling, laser-tag and Texas Hold’em to come out!
Also looking forward a better moderation system!

Welcome aboard! :raising_hand:

Personally, i’m just looking forward to everything the game will offer! But I guess i’m looking forward to the plaza attractions, namely the casino

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Barbaric_Space_Whale. Enjoy your stay! :slight_smile: :raising_hand:

Personally, I’m looking forward to the casino and more board walk activities like bowling and laser tag. I also can’t wait for the game to get steam workshop support.


I’m just waiting for more lobby activities in general.

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I’m looking fowrward to the Little Crusaders gamemode, I can’t wait.

Welcome to the family boyo :new_moon_with_face:

Hey there, welcome :grinning:

Welcome! Enjoy your stay! :wink: