Hi all!

Hello! I’m Alice! I’m 21 and I’m in my final year of university, where I’m studying Computer Science.

I got Tower Unite last week for my birthday after it’s sat on my wishlist for half a year :sweat_smile: I used to play GMod Tower back in the day and I am LOVING Tower Unite so far - it definitely lives up to GMod Tower. I’m looking forward to future updates to the game! :smile:


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to the tower, friend!

Welcome back to the tower and forums Slimelia. :slight_smile:

Welcome, Alice! It’s a great community here. And hands down the most communicative dev team I’ve ever seen.

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Welcome to the forums, Alice! Awesome to hear you’re graduating, I actually just entered my first year of uni studying Compsci :smiley:

Hope you enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the forums Alice! Glad to see another computer nerd around and if you haven’t seen it yet here’s the early testing stages of the arcade API

Hope to see some cool stuff from you and good luck with your studies! :slight_smile:

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