Heyo! It's the Rye guy


Hey! I’m Richard Rye. I’m just some random guy who enjoys playing Tower Unite. I enjoy chatting with others and hope to get myself more comfortable here on the forums- starting by giving myself an introduction. I don’t have much else to say unless anybody asks away.

Some of my hobbies, but not limited to, include programming, hockey, languages, and writing!


Welcome!, Enjoy your stay in this meme filled forum. :slight_smile:

and sometimes toxic


more like richard rye bread hhaha LOSER


you mean like rye from like that spongebob episode where that old guy orders a rusty old rye ?


Welcome to the forums!

@Spydermann Isn’t it rusty on rye?


yeah i think so




Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Welcome to the Tower! :smiley_cat:


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