Heya! I'm new here.


I’m Prostar, I’ll probably end up using these forums for help for playermodels and such.


i hope you like my epic cool welcome dance


henlo welcome to this weird place
look at me dance


so guys we did it, you greeted a new fella
look at me go


:wave: hi :wave:


Welcome aboard~


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!




Welcome to epic world


enjoy your stay! don’t ever leave
also @UnlistedSky2 do you have a shrine to dave?


no just 4 pictures and a rug and a buff dave guarding the door and a secret agent buff dave in my secret dan hunting correspondence room

so maybe yes.

i didn’t want to do the basic “table with a picture or two of dave” on it thing ya know?

my condo is a temple to dave.


ok thanks for the information


Henlo, welcome to the, home of the.


person above me is yeah


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