Hey i found something!

So ive been browsing TU trello then i clicked on Pixeltail games and opened thier profile and found…

Gmod tower trello card

It just made me sad that there was so much things to to…
Golden Bananas
Intro sequence
Some sort of daily bonus
Day/night system in GMT (we have this in TU)

Also, i wonder what would happen if there would be no GMT, BUT tower unite would be worked on instead (on unreal obviously)

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thank god we’re no longer limited by Source


Why? They didn’t waste any more time implementing these things in a project that was loved at its time but ultimately doomed to be replaced by something superior which would become TU. All the new stuff can still be made.

Sure, I miss some of the copyrighted stuff (I did a 360 of my player model before GMT closed) but I doubt they would have gone through the trouble of mixing the character customization with copyrighted characters of companies willing to let them be part of TU. (I’m pretty sure Valve would have allowed it for example.)


GMT was good, but Tower Unite is great.

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I saw this trello long ago. It was on the GMT forums.

It’s like a museum. :slight_smile: