Hey I am Wrathexe

Hello I am Gromskull aka Wrathexe I been playing tower unite for a while now but never been really on the forums. I like to play minigolf and all the other gamemodes and hangout in condos.

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Welcome to the forums!

Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay! :raising_hand:

Hope you enjoy your time on Tower, and the Forums! :smiley_cat:

Hey Wrathexe, welcome to the TU Forums!

Welcome to the forums! :raising_hand:

Hi @Wrathexe, iā€™m tired PatrykPL24, but you can call me @PatrykPL24. :wink:

Welcome to the tower and forums Wrathexe. :slight_smile:

Welcome to the Community and Forums @Wrathexe!

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