Hey Everyone!

Hey future Tower players! I’m Jude or judeman222 in-game. I’m one of the people to donate $90 to the indiegogo page, and I’m so happy I did it. My personal interests (as far as the game goes) are ball race and texas hold 'em. I’ve been with GMTower for about two years now and over the time I’ve became a Ball Race shortcutter and I’ve even made my way into a new steam group because of Tower! I hope to see everyone soon when the game is released on Steam!!


Welcome to the forums, Jude!

Thanks a bunch for contributing such an amount to the development of Tower Unite! :slight_smile:

Hi Jude, and welcome to the forums! Congratulations on contributing, and I hope to see you around here :smiley:

Welcome! Really awesome you donated $90!

Hey there, Jude!

… Wow. So I start typing a thread in off topic and it says its similar to this… Ok! Well, I know you. Wierd.