Hey everyone :3

i never properly introduced myself on here yet, so yeeeeee

my name is Katie (Picklegal1 or Pickle if you perfer)
i started playing on july 5th 2022
(discovered this game thru a mutual friend & his streaming buddies thru twitch when the game first released, he is one of the backers that is on one of the golden bricks when you’re going to the boardwalk in game)

my interests consists of playing video games, sleeping, watching YT & Twitch, listen to music when i’m in the mood for something vibrant or w/e, and just talking to peeps (other than that, i’m enjoying the condo contests cause they’re fun)

lastly feel free to say “Hi” to me when i’m in the plaza or wherever & i’d be more than happy to show new players around the plaza, minigames & etc if needed

talk to y’all at the plaza ^-^


Welcome to the forums and Tower Unite Community as a whole!

Nice to see a new face around, hope to see you in the plaza

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I haven’t seen anyone post an introduction in years so this is rare lol

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lol yeeee

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ty :smiley:

Welcome to the forum, hope you have a good time. :blush:

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