Hey anyone want to help me make a video?


When I started the game I wish there was a guide that told me more about the community, such as what to buy first and tips from experienced player, so I am going to make an unofficial tower unite guide for new players. If you want to help I need footage and research done, I am planning on doing most of it myself but if you want a mention than just private message me or comment. This is like more of a mid life crisis kind of idea that most likley will not happen but, if I get support than whoever is reading this might be able to push me to finish it!


You’re free to use anything from my guide Tower Unite: Your First Visit if you wish. If you decide to follow through with this idea, then good luck with the video!


i can help also if you want


Thanks Arkive! If I’ll remember I’ll thank you at the end if you don’t mind


Sure m8!


Sorry, I’m getting kinda stressed about it so I’m just dropping the idea. I knew it would happen


fair enough, it does seem like a big project to do


If you ever need help with anything specific, you can ask me any time. :thumbsup:


I believe there are already a few videos like this so you might have to make it pretty entertaining to make it noticeable and big (i also tried to make a video like this but it didn’t really blow up).
I don’t know how much experience you have with making video’s but often its harder to make whatever is in your head into reality.

My advice is to do your best and get help from good video makers, i’m rooting for you man.


Thanks link, you are very nice! As well as Gryphon! lol Gyphon auto corrects to Entryphone