Here's the deal

I really want to get this game with my friends, but none of them are interested in the outward appearance; they think it’s just a Sim’s game with minigames. Please help me try to convince them! I know deep down that this game is more than that but I just don’t know how to put those feelings into a sentence. Thanks for your speedy replies,

IF they have GMod, get them to play Tower, or get them to watch videos of people playing Gmod Tower. But the fact is, if they don’t like Gmod Tower, they won’t like Tower Unite.

Make them play GMTower. It’s the only way. I have tried LOTS of times to explain what the game is like to my friends, but it’s impossible

The only other thing I can think of to compare TU/GMT to would be PlayStation Home. And I agree with the other people, if they have GMod, get them to download GMT from the workshop. If they don’t have it, you could play it, then show it to them.

I would explain to them that it’s the most promising social game ever. If they don’t like games like that, there’s no convincing them.

Yeah, I’ll try convincing them. Thanks for your guys’ help! I think the best ‘argument’ I have going for me is probably that it’s just a really good game to just hang out, laugh, play, and enjoy each other’s company. A few of my friends live far away now from me so it’s kinda difficult to connect with them. Thanks tons gentlemen, this means a lot. :blush:



Most people find virtual world a turn off.Everbody got a different taste for gaming. People don’t consider social game as video game because for them it’s a life simulation game.Just find a different game that they like to play!

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I understand their point, but when in real life have you…

  • Flown in a jetpack
  • Bought 50 trampolines and got drunk and invited your friends
  • Put furniture on the ceiling
  • Drove a go-kart up a loop
  • Threw up 100 times and walked it off like nothing
  • Met someone from across the world without getting on some sort of transportation
  • Actually did bumper cars without the worry of people thinking you are weird (because you’re not a child)
  • Had access to an arcade that never asks for money when you play the games
  • Fell off a building and survived
  • Bought tons of fireworks (for free) then launched them
  • Played minigolf on the moon
  • Survived a zombie outbreak
  • Uh and every other crazy thing that has happened in Tower.