Here's some statistics, as of 7/30/2015

Okay, so we’ve saved $53,921, and have 13 days left. So far, in the last 17 days, we’ve raised an average of $3,171 each day. If we were to maintain that rate, we’d raise $95,194 at the end of the campaign, nearly twice the amount originally set out to achieve.

(Sorry, I just wanted to geek out a little.)

That reminds me of something: dunno if there’s an equivalent to the same in IndieGoGo, but there’s a site that makes projections of what the final funding of a project will/would be at the rates they were being funded during a certain time.

If Unite had keept their funding rate on the first day of Kickstarter, they would have gotten to about 120K.

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Yeah, funding tends to slow down very quickly. I’m actually surprised that the funding for TU on the Indiegogo is only now starting to slow down a bit. I’m sure there’ll be a bunch of funding right at the end, but there’s a number of reasons for funding slowing down (75, 90, and 500 dollar perks now being sold out, most people who REALLY want this project to come to fruition donate right at the beginning, etc.). Things like these are dynamic, they change. Hopefully we’re able to reach 80k, though. I really want us to reach all the stretch goals.

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I honestly am surprised too. The amount of interested player base is…incredible.

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Yeah, partly to do with it is that the one and only stretch goal that the public knows about is rather uninteresting to people who have never played the game before.

To keep the speed going, we’re going to need more semi-high priced encore backing options.


Or a couple rich people to buy the $3k packages.

I only expect to see one more of that category get purchased, but the world is full of surprises.

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It’d be cool to see a few player-created boardwalk attractions. Like a carousel. Everyone likes riding horses and donkeys and stuff, right?

I really hope the player created attractions are semi over the top and very creative and not just a generic carousel.

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Yeah, since the campaign became fully funded, we’ve only been averaging about $1,000 a day. Quite a sharp drop :frowning:

I still have to make my donation. But I will probably stay for the 20$ tier at max. Still, any money is better than no money at all, I guess? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Of course!

I really want the Difference Maker reward but I don’t want to jump from $30 to $200, plus I can’t afford that at all. I’m really not sure what to do at this point :frowning:

Was hoping to have me and my boyfriend’s name together on a brick as a birthday present for him

I really should’ve just backed earlier :c

rolls eyes
yeah because 1k is totally not alot (Sarcasm) lol its not a horrible amount : P

When you’re rooting for the $70k and $80 stretch goals, it isn’t. :stuck_out_tongue:

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im rooting for the 60k for now since they only revealed the extended beach so far : D
i would love for this to get 80k but for now im just happy that it has succeeded in getting 50k and it being confirmed that it will be made! cant wait to play

Ye. I think the $60,000 will definitely happen. We won’t reach the $70k or $80k but I’m hoping when we reach Early Access we might be able to!

Too much math for my brain to handle. :dizzy_face: