Here to talk!

Hey guys whats up what do you wanna talk about?

lets get down to brass tax guys

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I want me a Texas.



Let’s talk about Asian food.

Does anyone here like sushi?

literally the best op i’ve ever read on this forum


OP Changed!!! Didn’t like how threatening the first picture felt!!! Ready to talk now

“I like Chinese food” :panda_face:


ok guys sorry I’m back on the PC lets talk

Texas you say?



Registered expert in Texas, reporting for duty

CURRENTLY OPEN: For discussion!

Are you yellow and/or a king?

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I’d like to talk about Sigils, in Indie Games. Or pieces of them, hidden somewhere.
Is that an acceptable topic?

Lets talk about necroing threads

Alright… I would suppose that necroing threads would receive a more positive response if the necroing post wasn’t seemingly subtly bragging about having necro’d the target thread.

Back open for discussion - Thank you for your patience!

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Let us talk about

Don’t do them, kids

Illegal drugs are never okay. Overdosing on any drug, illegal or not, is also never okay. Surely you all already knew that.

I know that a lot of religions don’t do drugs or alcohol. It is disrespectful to their gods.