Here is some pictures of my garbage arcade machine in my condo


Front view (joysticks are not there yet)

Side view


ew nba jam, you’re right it is garbage.

but that is a pretty sweet garbage arcade machine, good job.


NBA jam is one of the best games of all time. The hell are you smoking?


Dude, nice!!!

I’ve been meaning to make a cutout of an arcade machine myself, I have a bunch of materials but I just lack the drive to actually piece it together. If you’re ever looking for stuff to use to make a machine, look around for a New Retro Arcade machine material, there’s plenty there and all the art is already done.

This might not work, but for the joysticks, try wedging something in there like a carrot or a fork or something, as long as it looks like something you can grab and move.

Great job on this mane!


nba jam one of the best games of all time? funzo joko.


Awesome! How did you even do that?