Here comes the PISS DRAGON! (Tower Unite: Little Crusaders)

I can’t believe this, but I totally forgot to share my newest Tower Unite video with you all! It’s a YouTube short, but do give it a watch, as I’ve been trying out a new format for my shorts. If you guys like this, maybe there can be more Tower Unite shorts out there in the wild?

so cool


Damnit, I don’t know what causes that. I always try to allow embedding on my videos, but it’s like some third-party software is forcing embedding to be off.

It’s a problem with YT itself

They removed the codecs from non-4K and non-popular videos that allowed them to embed properly on other sites. This is also the reason youtube media in TU doesn’t work as well anymore.

that can’t be the case since my bug report videos can be watched just fine despite being neither not 4k or popular haha