Hello World! I'm P0le!

Hi everyone!

I’m Maciej Pędzich, but you can call me P0le. I’m 13 years old, I’m from Poland, and I’d like to become Backend Web Developer in the future. I found out about this community, through your Open Trivia DB, that I used in my Discord Bot. You can play simple Is it true, or false game with it. It has also got its own db, to store points of each player. My hobbies are: coding (duh), House music, and Formula One.

Check out my Github profile here.



Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!

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Welcome to our weird alternate reality where everyone is obsessed with catshaped bags and no one can die from drinking copious amounts of booze or strange sodas.

Incase you wanna try coding in LUA the devs of TU made a really early version of the arcade tools, can be used to make your own lua games for the arcade.

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Thanks for this proposition, but I’m already doing this course on Udemy. Still, maybe I’ll take a look at the course you offered one day…


Welcome to the forums!

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Welcome to the forums, please enjoy your stay here.
Hey you like Formula 1 too? Who’s your favourite driver?

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Hey, welcome to the forums P0le! :smile:

I spent the past half-hour looking through your old GitHub projects, and it’s awesome what you’ve accomplished so far! Glad to see someone so young be passionate about their interests. Really looking forward to what you’ll be doing in the future, keep at it and I’m sure you’ll nail a job as a Backend Web Dev.

P.S. Congrats on finishing your to-do list! :heart:

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My fav driver is Lewis Hamilton.

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Finally! After a year of waiting…


Howdy and welcome.

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Hello and Welcome! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Masterpiece :joy:

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Like it was made for him

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